The TPACK Game – C


Given a random technology, and pedagogical approach, figure out a content area and an activity to combine them


Museum-based learning
video recording & editing software

Give me a new problem: Missing T, Missing P, Missing C

6 thoughts on “The TPACK Game – C

  1. I found this resource on web which provided many non-mathematical uses of EXCEL.
    Being a math teacher ,I never knew that Excel is good for non-math activities.LOL

  2. In the computer lab, students will use a drawing/painting software to color peas that represent Medels experiment of cross pollination. Yellow and green peas were grown in the same garden all being cross pollinated. Some peas grown were yellow, and some were green. The experiment displays recessive and dominant genes to the student in an interactive way such that they can assign a color to a recessive gene and a color to a dominate gene.

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