Teaching & Advising

Courses Taught

Over the years, my teaching can be characterized by breadth and depth. I’ve taught courses that span different:

  • Delivery formats – I’ve taught Face-to-face, hybrid, blended, and fully online courses
  • Levels – I’ve taught courses at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels
  • Disciplines – I’ve taught courses across different disciplines, including Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Higher Education, Teacher Education, and Research Design

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Teaching Examples

Below are several examples that outline my teaching in action, or tangible artifacts resulting from my teaching:

Teaching Philosophy

I have seven-point teaching philosophy that is outlined here (more detail if you follow the link):

  • Teach technology in context
  • Make students’ work visible
  • Students participate in student to student dialog
  • Teaching is part research
  • Teaching is part service
  • Make learning active
  • Have students write early and often

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