Comprehensive Exams Resources

Educational Psychology and Educational Technology has two flavors of Comprehensive Exams. Option I (take home exam), and Option II (develop a paper for publication and defend it). Option II is being retired, and for all incoming students, only Option I is available.

On this page, I provide a list of some resources available to students studying for Comprehensive Exams (primarily Option I).


Archive of Previous Questions


Self-Assessments on Research Methods

The following series of self-assessments are tailored to the research book by Remler & van Ryzin (2010). But the concepts and terminology are general enough that students studying for exams might do well to identify gaps in their understanding prior to the exam. Below are 15 quizzes.

remler,jpg Remler, D.K. & Van Ryzin, G.G. (2010). Research methods in practice: Strategies for description and causation. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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