These are a few of my favorite things (by state)



This map shows, for each state, which word was used the most, above and beyond the national average between 2/23/15 and 5/4/15

Certain words were disallowed, because such an analysis naturally produces a result of “Arizona” for the state of Arizona, or “Cubs” for Illinois. So the following types of words were not allowed to be picked:

  • Location names
  • Profanity (you’d be surprised)
  • Racist language (you’d be surprised)
  • Sports teams
  • Low-level connecting words (e.g., “the”, “of”, “or”)
  • Words that don’t make sense for this map: “Wanna”, “them”, “please”, “tonight”, “way”, “place”

The result has:

  • 19 states really interested in jobs – Interestingly enough these states, if anything, have on average lower unemployment rates.
  • 4 states talking up those birthdays – The midwest is so thoughtful in sending out those birthday wishes.
  • 4 states focused on god – The bible belt weighs in strong.
  • 4 states loving “love” – I love it!.
  • 3 passionate about drinking – From west to east, they know what they’re interested in.
  • 16 states doing their own thing – Each of the remaining states has their own topic

Because it’s hard to read, I’ll point out that Maryland is interested in the “phone”, and Rhode Island in “school.”

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