The TPACK Game – T


Given a random content area to teach, and pedagogical approach, figure out a technology and an activity to combine them


Physical education
Service learning

Give me a new problem: Missing T, Missing P, Missing C

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  1. Dado un área de contenido al azar para enseñar (literatura mundial), y el enfoque pedagógico (la experiencia el laboratorio), encontrar una tecnología y una actividad para combinarlos (la tecnología a utilizar es el Internet realizando visitas en el museo interactivo, así como también proyectar un video corto sobre la literatura) me queda una duda quizá puedan ayudarme cual es la estructura de una planeación de clase haciendo uso del modelo TPACK. Agradezco sus comentarios.

  2. I’m not an English Lit teacher, but I can see how the website could help here. A drill and practice pedagogical approach is less than optimal but this website would certainly fill the bill.

  3. Students can watch a short video clip on different schools around the world. The video will display student’s literal backgrounds and educational practices with held in the classrooms. As scholars observe children learning literacy around the world, they will gain awareness of the different literal sources available in different parts of the world. Additionally Students will exchange letters with a Pen Pal from a foreign country. Students will ask questions regarding their educational for example; What is your daily school schedule. What is a regular school day like? What is your favorite subject? Do you like to read? What kind of books do you read? What is your favorite place to read? Where do you get your books from?

  4. Storify the writing, Film your response via – youtube channel, movie maker, etc…
    Create a problem/question/hypothesis that needs to be answered, setup a twitter hashtag that others can respond to your problem/question/hypothesi and through that hashtag write an expository response via google docs.

  5. Use Spotify to select a musical genre that they are unfamiliar with and that would be total discovery such as exposure to classical music, etc.

  6. Students can create a concept map, (rising action , climax, descending action) to visualize the story development. Online collage makers, interactive museum.

  7. The instruction could use an electronic discussion board to pose a question related to civics and ask students to respond to the original post and to their classmates’.

  8. have students video each other – using their cell phones?- to analyze techniques..perhaps game play? (thniking about football here)

  9. You could give your students a piece of World Lit that leads to the climax, but is missing the rest of the story. Ask the students to use PhotoStory to make a movie ending the story in a group

  10. Statistics and Probability
    T- Pull up dice on the smartboard and roll 25 times recording what numbers are rolled each time on a chart. Record the number of times each number is rolled in the 25 times.

  11. Reading Comprehension
    T- Choose a picture from a set of faces showing emotion to drag into a story board completing the answer to the question how does the character’s feelings change from the beginning of the passage to the end.

  12. The teacher sets up a space on haiku for each student to publish details about his/her own case study. Then, each person can compare and contrast ways their cases are alike and different. This conversation will lead to solving everyone’s assignment because of the new ideas and content that will be introduced.

  13. Using google docs, students will apply the skills they learned to write an expository piece.

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