Capstone Portfolios

One of the most visible artifacts from my teaching are the portfolios that students create as part of the Capstone Portfolio course. This course is last course students take in Masters in Educational Technology (MAET) program @ MSU and it’s also the last course students take in the Masters in Education (MAED) program @ MSU.

The goal of the capstone course is to:

Help each student end the course with a web portfolio that shows in a rich, thoughtful way the work he or she has done in Master’s program, and that is written for an authentic audience, not just for for meeting the requirements of the course.

Portfolios from Past Semesters

Summer, 2021
Spring, 2021

Fall, 2020
Summer, 2020
Spring, 2020

Fall, 2019
Summer, 2019
Spring, 2019

Fall, 2018
Summer, 2018
Spring, 2018

Fall, 2017
Summer, 2017
Spring, 2017

Fall, 2016
Summer, 2016
Spring, 2016

Fall, 2015
Summer, 2015
Spring, 2015

Fall, 2014
Summer, 2014
Spring, 2014

Fall, 2013
Summer, 2013
Spring, 2013

Fall, 2012
Summer, 2012
Spring, 2012

Fall, 2011
Summer, 2011
Spring, 2011