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Summer, 2003
june 30, 2003 ::: Day 8
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On the Agenda:

  • Readings
  • Aman tells about Piaget
  • Tech demo... iMovie


Discuss Readings

Some questions/issues to consider while discussing the readings:

In light of Piaget's theory about cognitive development and the four stages he proposes, how do you think your teaching strategies will change?

Have you considered the issues that Piaget mentions while teaching?


Piaget according to Aman

Aman will tell us everything we need to know about Piaget in a powerpoint. Plus a pop quiz!


Searching for Bobby Fischer followup

Let's recap



Let's recap


Concept maps

Groups present their concept maps for information processing


Afternoon Tech ...

Making movies 101 ...

Note from Matt: I was goofing around last night, learning what you can do with iMovie 3. Here are the results of goofing around, one 30 second movie (very large version, and med-large version).





Bruce, B., & Levin, J. (1997). Roles for New Technologies in Language Arts: Inquiry, Communication, Construction, and Expression. In J. Jensen, J. Flood, D. Lapp, & J. Squire (Eds.) (2001), Handbook for research on teaching the English language arts. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. [Also available online at http://alexia.lis.uiuc.edu/~chip/pubs/HRTLA.shtml]



© 2003, Matthew J. Koehler (thanks to Punya for his work in designing this course)