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Summer, 2003
june 23, 2003 ::: Day 3
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On the Agenda:

  • Discuss Readings
  • Work on / Present Behaviorism Powerpoints
  • More work on Homepages
This day in history ...
1956 Thomas Watson, founder of IBM dies (more ...)
1623 Blaise Pascal born (more ...)
1855 1855 Statue of Liberty Arrives (more ...)
1864 1864 CSS Alabama Sinks (more ...)


Behaviorism contd...

Briefly meet in your groups (15 min) to come up with 3 big ideas or key concepts of behaviorism and 3 ways in which you could see behaviorism as being useful in the classroom or in teaching. Be prepared to share your ideas with the larger group.

Discuss Readings

Please discuss the three readings in your groups. Below are some questions/issues to consider while discussing the readings (Roblyer & Edwards and Resnick)

  • Find classroom examples of the two learning theories, directed instruction and constructivism, presented by Roblyer & Edwards.
  • Discuss the tension presented in the Resnick article between teaching context specific knowledge versus general, more widely transferable knowledge.
    • Where on this continuum does most teaching tend to be?
    • Where on this continuum would you like teaching to be?
  • How do the examples of out of school learning fit into Roblyer and Edwards' two learning categories?
  • Does the research tend to be more constructivist, directed instruction oriented, something in between, or something different altogether?
  • Do you find the type of research Resnick draws from in the article, mainly from out of school settings, applicable and useful to you as a classroom teacher?

The small group discussions will be followed by a large open discussion.

Search Activity + Lunch

You might want to continue searching for internet sources on behaviorism for your powerpoints due after lunch. Just a reminder ... the assignment was:

Work with your groups to develop an understanding of behaviorism. Your goal is two fold: (a) to collect materials, information, links etc. on behaviorism for use in your technology matrix; (b) work with your group to develop a powerpoint presentation that will teach some domain using behaviorist principles (due Monday afternoon).


Afternoon Activity ...
Presentation of behaviorism powerpoints.

Tech Tutorial
More on homepages and HTML (by Aman)





Wolfook, A. (2001). Behavorial views of learning. In Educational Psychology (pp. 198-235). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Wolfook, A. (2001). Cognitive views of learning. In Educational Psychology (pp. 238-271). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.




© 2003, Matthew J. Koehler (thanks to Punya for his work in designing this course)