CEP 800~801~822
Summer, 2003
june 19, 2003 ::: Day 1
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Week 1 (Jun 19-Jun20)

Week 2 (Jun 23-Jun27)

Week 3 (Jun 30-Jul 4)

Week 4 (Jul 7-Jul 11)

Week 5 (Jul 14-Jul 18)

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On the Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Activity - Go shoot yourself!
  • Getting into groups
  • Introduction to Web pages
  • Assignments
This day in history ...
1956 Thomas Watson, founder of IBM dies (more ...)
1623 Blaise Pascal born (more ...)
1855 1855 Statue of Liberty Arrives (more ...)
1864 1864 CSS Alabama Sinks (more ...)


Go Shoot Yourselves!
Every perception is an act of creation (more ...)

Debriefing from shootings:
Why did we do it? (Powerpoint used in class)


  • Who we are
  • Who you are
  • Syllabus
  • Assignments
  • Where to get readings

Getting into Groups
Guess what? We already made groups.

Normally, we have a working lunch, giving you an opportunity to work on individual projects, group projects, or other things. However, this first lunch is a good opportunity to meet your group.

Afternoon Activity ...
Search the internet for :::
How many miles is it from East Lansing, Michigan to the capital of India (Aman's home city) and back? How many days would it take Aman to go home, have dinner and return to our class? What are some likely meals Aman might have for dinner (hint---remember he is a vegetarian)?

Introduction to Pilot/MSU/FTP
Aman will get us started on what we need to know about Pilot / MSU / FTP stuff. (Powerpoint...)





Feynman, R. P. (1989). It’s as simple as one, two, three . . . In What Do You Care What Other People Think (pp. 54-59) New York: Bantam Books.

Cuban, L. (1999). The technology puzzle. Education Weekly, 18(43), 47, 68.[Online: http://www.edweek.org/ew/vol-18/43cuban.h18]

Gardner, H. (1999). The disciplined mind: what all students should understand. Chapter 1 and review of the book on the NYTimes web site.



Return Tech Survey (Week 1) to be handed out in class

© 2003, Matthew J. Koehler (thanks to Punya for his work in designing this course)