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Summer, 2003
july 11, 2003 ::: Day 15
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Week 1 (Jun 19-Jun20)

Week 2 (Jun 23-Jun27)

Week 3 (Jun 30-Jul 4)

Week 4 (Jul 7-Jul 11)

Week 5 (Jul 14-Jul 18)

Course Documents

We're 75% done with the class!!!

On the Agenda:

  • Pop Quiz

  • Readings

  • Morning Activity: Website Review

  • Afternoon Movies



Discuss Readings

Some questions/issues to consider while discussing the readings:

  • (Aardvarks) Based on what you have read over the past two night; will your read misconception research before you teach your lesson? Why or why not?

  • (Adult Learners) How do you determine what misconceptions your students come to class with?

  • (Green Beaners) What will you do as a teacher to help tackle these misconceptions?

  • (C0untesses) What is the purpose or value of knowing student misconceptions?

  • (Under Construction) To what extent do these misconceptions affect students throughout life?


Website Review

Groups will review each other's website and offer criticism / feedback. (Aardvarks -> UnderConstruction -> Green Beaners -> Countesses -> Adult Learners -> Aardvarks)

Additionally, each individual should pick someone in the group they are reviewing, and offer a critique of their individual site.


Remaining Morning + Lunch

You should have plenty to do, so keep working! Movies (both digitially and on tape) are due at 1pm.



It's movie time!

You have movies ... we have movies!





Brophy, J. (1998). Motivating Students to Learn. Chapter 10.

Girod, M. (2001). Teaching for aesthetic understanding (modified from dissertation).



© 2003, Matthew J. Koehler (thanks to Punya for his work in designing this course)