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Summer, 2003
july 10, 2003 ::: Day 14
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We're 70% done with the class!!!

On the Agenda:

  • Readings
  • TBA
  • Tech demo... (TBA)


Discuss Readings

Some questions/issues to consider while discussing the readings:

(Green Beaner's): How does Piaget's theory apply to the first reading (regarding children understanding the Earth concept)?

(Aardvarks): Regarding the size of sample, what conclusions can be drawn about this data?

(Under construction): What caused the students' misconceptions about the earth? Should teachers be teaching this concept to second grade students? Or should they be waiting till 8th grade?

(Countesses): Did these two examples (McCloskey & Naussbaum), use representative samples in their research? Explain!

(Adult Learners) "What is the series of steps that a child must follow to understand the scientific rather than naive concepts of motion and the globe? What can teachers do to help children properly understand these concepts rather than simply adapt them to their naive concepts?"


Morning Activity ...

Three Questions for you to answer: (1) Which falls faster, a heavy object or a light object? (2) Which falls faster, an object dropped while standing still, or an object dropped while running with it? (3) What trajectory does the object follow when it is dropped while running?

Make your answers, and then prove them using a video camera and iMovie (or some equivalent). Due Friday afternoon.





Afternoon Tech

More templates? Image formats? What do you want to cover?







Nelson, B.D., Aron, R.H., & Francek, M.A. (1992). Clarification of selected misconceptions in physical geography. Journal of Geography, 91(2) 76-80. [Download PDF]

Henriques, L. (2000). Children's misconceptions about weather: A review of the literature. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Association of Research in Science Teaching, New Orleans, LA, April 29, 2000. [Online: http://www.csulb.edu/~lhenriqu/NARST2000.htm]



© 2003, Matthew J. Koehler (thanks to Punya for his work in designing this course)