CEP 800~801~822
Summer, 2003
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Week 1 (Jun 19-Jun20)

Week 2 (Jun 23-Jun27)

Week 3 (Jun 30-Jul 4)

Week 4 (Jul 7-Jul 11)

Week 5 (Jul 14-Jul 18)

Course Documents

Throughout the Semester, students were asked to complete several projects. Some small, some not so much. Click on the description of the activity to get the full instructions, or click on the project gallery link to see the artifacts the groups created.


Shoot Yourself!

Students introduce themselves on the first day of class by taking an interesting digital picture.






Teaching with Behaviorism and Powerpoint

Groups had to teach a topic using behaviorist principles and powerpoint.






Concept Maps and Information Processing

Groups were assigned the task of concept mapping a part of information processing.






Movie Making: Make the Familiar Unfamiliar

Students use a camera and iMovie to make some familiar seem unfamiliar.





Internet Debate: Using Sources to Back a Claim

Groups had to argue for a position, backed by quality sources of information. How do you define quality anyhow?





Cholesterol and Health: What do people understand?

Groups had to interview adults on the street to assess what people understand about the relationship between cholesterol and adult health?





Free Stuff: What are the best free sites on the internet?

Groups had to nominate the best free sites on the internet.





How does Gravity work: Proof via iMovie

Groups had to use video to explain how different objects fall ...





Technology Matrix

Groups made technology-rich lesson plans consistent with several different learning perspectives


Research on Student Understanding

Groups chose a subject-matter, then investigated to see what students truly understand about that topic.





© 2003, Matthew J. Koehler (thanks to Punya for his work in designing this course)