Cognition & Technology
September 8
CEP 909
Fall 2005
Stuff by day

In class:

  • Readings ... Questions?
  • Your theories of mind
  • Role playing exercise: Your life as a termite/ant (In Person, StarLogo)
  • In class psych experiment
  • Find people to work with

Required Readings:

Anderson, J.R. (2005). Chapter 6: Human memory and encoding. In J.R. Anderson, Cognitive science and its implications (pp. 171-203). Worth Publishers: New York. (Download)
Ashcraft, M. (1989). Short-term working memory (pp. 136-185). Scott, Foresman and Company: Glenview, IL. (Download) NOTE: This is a little out of date, but it has some ideas curiously missing from the Anderson reading.


Suggested Readings:

Pinker, S. (1997). Chapter 2: Thinking machines. In S. Pinker, How the mind works (pp. 111-148). W.W. Norton and Company: New York. (Download) NOTE: The pdf contains more than the required reading, the rest is optional.
Anderson, J.R. (2005). Chapter 2: Perception. In J.R. Anderson, Cognitive science and its implications (pp. 36-71). Worth Publishers: New York. (Download)



Reminder: All work for the class is to be turned in electronically so that others in the class may access your work. Put it on your web-page, on the e-groups, or whichever way you can make your work publicly visible. Assignments due next Wed at 11:59 pm.

Your homework this week is to become an experimental cognitive scientist. There are several experiments that I want you to do on yourself. Record detailed results on your performance (basically follow the instructions):

Human Memory - Test your memory ability.

Memory Interference - A bit harder :)

Memory Encoding- explained later.

Now, do the following experiment on somebody else.

Now you should do a write-up of what you found. Post: 1) the actual results from the memory test you performed on someone else (what the person could and could not recall); 2) short summary (one or two paragraphs) describing any patterns you see, and conclusions you can reach, or any explanations you can bring to bear on the phenomena.

Think of possible games and issues that might be worthy of study. And bring those ideas to class.

Reminder: One goal in this class is to have an electronic portfolio ready soon, in which everyone can view your work. If you can get a website up this week, and post your assignment, that's great. Make sure you send everyone the link so they know where it is. If not, post it to the yahoo group and let people know where it is.
It's time to begin work on getting a portfolio up for this course if you have the web skills already. If you do not yet have web skills, it is time to start acquiring basic web authoring skills.
Reminder: Look at some other students work BEFORE you get to class on Thursday. Be prepared to talk about one other student's theory of mind in depth that you found particularly interesting or worth discussing.
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