Cognition & Technology
September 29
CEP 909
Fall 2005
Stuff by day

In class:

Powerpoint from Class

Required Readings:

Ashcraft, M. (1989). Chapter 6: Episodic-long term memory (pp. 247-301). In M. Ashcraft, Human memory and cognition. Scott, Foresman and Company: Glenview, IL. (Download)
Ashcraft, M. (1989). Chapter 7: Episodic-long term memory (pp. 302-359). In M. Ashcraft, Human memory and cognition. Scott, Foresman and Company: Glenview, IL. (Download)


Suggested Readings:

Anderson, J.R. (2005). Chapter 7: Human memory: Retention and retreival. In J.R. Andersons, Cognitive science and its implications (pp. 204-241). Worth Publishers: New York. (Download)



Reminder: All work for the class is to be turned in electronically so that others in the class may access your work. Put it on your web-page, on the e-groups, or whichever way you can make your work publicly visible. Assignments due next Wed at 11:59 pm.

Your homework this week is to continue your path to becoming an experimental cognitive scientist. The data to be analyzed has come from our own class this time!

Take the Transcripts (Alicia removed) from the Story recall we have been doing, and perform an analysis. You can use the summary of the research in Ashcraft (or other sources) as a guide if you wish.

Which information was more likely to be recalled? Which was likely to be forgotten? Was there better memory for meaning or for specific phrases? Facts vs. events? etc. etc.

In particular, report findings and support each finding with examples from the transcripts.

REQUIRED: Look at Brian Winn's Home page, and other page. Look at some of the games he has developed. Are any of them interesting to you? One possibility is that we might examine one or two these games, and do a pilot study of what students actually learn using one of his games.

OPTIONAL: Play a game online you have never played before. Keep in mind our study of learning. After playing it, think about anything you might have learned, or be better at, as a result of having played the game (or would be if you played more).

Reminder: One goal in this class is to have an electronic portfolio ready soon, in which everyone can view your work. If you can get a website up this week, and post your assignment, that's great. Make sure you send everyone the link so they know where it is. If not, post it to the yahoo group and let people know where it is.
It's time to begin work on getting a portfolio up for this course if you have the web skills already. If you do not yet have web skills, it is time to start acquiring basic web authoring skills.
Reminder: Look at some other students work BEFORE you get to class on Thursday. Be prepared to talk about one other student's theory of mind in depth that you found particularly interesting or worth discussing.
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