Cognition & Technology
December 1
CEP 909
Fall 2005
Stuff by day

In class:

  • Group progress reports
  • Q&A on how to set up data for analyses
  • Q&A on basic analyses
  • Remedial statistics and research design

Final Presentation Format:

Plan for about 25 minutes of presentation (sharp), and 5 minutes of questions.

Think about the following outline for your presentation:

a) The question/topic you worked on

b) Any initial ideas you had

c) Your approach to looking at the problem

d) Some data or summaries of actual data

e) What you found

f) What you think about it

g) Some opening to rethining the work, or potential future work (e.g., Unanswered questions, puzzlers, what you might do differently knowing what you know now, etc.)

Eventually post to yahoo group, and/or your portfolio.