Your first assignment! Woo hooo!

Buy the book you are assigned to read, and read it over the break. You are responsible for buying the book, and getting it on time. Don't worry, we've tried to make it easy for you. Just click on the book, and you get a listing of all the wonderful places you can buy it.

Come to the first class with a two page written response (in 4pt Arial Narrow) *. The first page should summarize what the the author is right about, and the second page should summarize what the author is wrong about. Be prepared to talk about it, and share your opinions with others.

NOTE #1: You only have to buy the book you are assigned, but it wouldn't be a terrible idea to own (or even read) the other two.

NOTE #2: This will be need to be posted to your website, so if you can do it before you get to the first class that's great. If not, make sure you have a copy that you can upload once you have your website up and running.

* That's a joke by the way


Oversold and Underused : Computers in Classrooms, 1980-2000

Author: Larry Cuban

To Be Read by: Khusro, Shenglan, Chun



Failure to Connect: How Computers Affect our Children's Minds for Better and Worse

Author: Jane M. Healy

To Be Read by: Amy, Michael, Eduardo



High Tech Heretic : Why Computers Don't Belong in the Classroom and Other Reflections by a Computer Contrarian

Author: Clifford Stoll, Siobhan Adcock(Editor)

To Be Read by: Aman, Scott, Yun

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