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CEP 416 - Technology in Teaching and Learning

Course Overview

This course explores the use of technology as tools to accomplish our teaching and learning goals. Although "technology" could refer to any tool use (e.g., pencil, calculator, computer software, etc.), this course will primarily address the uses of computer technologies as they apply to educational settings.

This course was designed to meet three major objectives. First, this course should help future educators become more familiar with the potential uses of technology in education. To accomplish this goal, we'll explore several common uses of technology (email, web browsers, word processors, etc.) and a few novel, domain specific uses of technology (mathematics, history, etc.).

Second, students should become proficient and competent users of some of these technologies. For example, throughout the course, you will use email communicate with me and with other students. Also, you will be expected to develop an online portfolio for all your class work. By doing so, you will learn practical skills for the design and use of web pages. Accordingly, by participating in weekly activities and class projects, you should be able to meet many (if not all) of the technology requirements for education degrees.

The third objective of this course it to help teachers to learn to evaluate the merits of using technology tools in classroom settings. Throughout the course, we'll be asking questions like "What is this technology good for?" and "What demands does the technology place upon teachers and students?" Furthermore, students will work in groups to propose a project that investigates the use of a technology for some educational purpose. By doing this project, you will gain practical experience that teachers need to have in order to embark upon a project that uses technology in the classroom.