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CEP 416 - Technology in Teaching and Learning

Final Projects

Students will work alone or in pairs to study an educational use of technology. Students will propose their group compositions and topics of study. Students will turn in their projects (typically a 15 page paper), and present their work to the class in the final two weeks of class.

AN EXAMPLE OF A SUITABLE PROJECT: Investigate technology enhanced approaches to early grade (K-4) geometry instruction. A 15 page paper would be a suitable format for turning in this project. This paper would include a short review of literature that would describe possible approaches that use technology in early-grade geometry teaching. One of these approaches would be chosen and further elaborated in terms of: the goal of the instruction, how it would be used in the classroom, and how learning would be assessed in the approach. Finally, evaluate this approach with respect to the six questions for weekly homework.

PROJECT DEADLINES: Project deadlines will vary depending upon the project you choose. I will propose checkpoints suitable to each project, so that feedback is early enough to still be useful. The deadlines that are fixed are as follows:

Tenative Proposal (Due January 31, 10% of your project grade for turning proposal in on time). Write a paragraph describing your proposed project and who is in your group. Turn it in via email or on your class portfolio web page. I will respond with feedback by class start on Feb 7.

Final Proposal (Due Feb 14, 10% of your project grade for turning in your proposal on time). Write a page describing your project and the steps you will take to complete it. Turn in your proposal by including it on your class portfolio web page. I will respond with feedback by class start on Feb 21. The final version will serve as a blueprint (and contract) for your final project.

Turn in Project (Due Apr 10, 60% of your project grade).

Class Presentation (Due last two weeks of class, 20% of your project grade). Each project will use presentation software to present their project to the rest of the class. Note that this meets one of the technology requirements for education degrees. Presentations will be 20 minutes each.