Welcome to the award winning Capstone Portfolio Course! We’re happy to welcome you to the course.

What is the portfolio rubric?

We use the a rubric when evaluating your portfolios at the mid-point and end of the semester. Read on for information on the point distribution and specific grading criteria!

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How can I set up my own domain name? How can I set up my own domain name?

If you are interested in a unique domain name (such as http://www.yourname.com), it is not difficult to purchase and then use it with the portfolio you have been developing or have developed. We created a short video on YouTube to demonstrate how the specific steps. Please feel free to contact us, however, if we can help in any way.

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I would like to use images that are not my own: How do I get permission or cite them?

It is important to be good citizens of the internet and avoid infringing on others’ copyrights by using their words or images. Proper attribution practices are often straightforward but not always. Read on for more!

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What are the differences between the annotated transcript and showcase pages?

This answer to a frequently asked question describes the purpose of the annotated transcript and showcase pages. In brief, the annotated transcript is an overview of the courses you completed, while the showcase is an argument for your mastery of specific skills. Please read on for more information.

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How do I check my grades?

In this course, grades are managed through MSU’s Desire2Learn course management system. We update these grades and give feedback at the end of every module, so we recommend that you check your grades frequently to make sure that we’re all on the same page! Read on for additional information.

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Welcome to the Capstone Portfolio Course sparty3

All of your instructors are happy to welcome you to the ED870 / CEP807 Capstone Portfolio course for Spring, 2015!

Class doesn’t begin until January 12, but many of you are anxious to begin or have some questions about the course. To this end, this announcement will, for now, give you everything you need to get started. Here are some key things to know:

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